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Mid-South Septic Tank Services LLC offers an extensive range of septic tank system services, backed by three generations of experience, to our valued customers. Our services encompass septic tank cleaning, repair, pumping, and the installation of new systems. Additionally, we provide specialized systems including those with air pumps, grease traps, sewage treatment plants, lift stations, bacteria treatments, tank inspections, and more.

The important aspect of a properly functioning septic tank system lies in regular pumping and maintenance. Neglecting maintenance can lead to drainage issues and unwanted backups. Allow Mid-South Septic Tank Services LLC to manage the upkeep and repair of your septic tank system. As a family and veteran-owned enterprise, we have been faithfully serving Oxford, MS, and the surrounding regions since 1984. Reach out to us today for a complimentary estimate catering to your residential or commercial requirements.

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Contact us today to learn more about our septic tank repair, cleaning, and pumping service. It’s critical that your septic tank be serviced every 3 to five years to preserve the overall health and safety of your home.

We pride ourselves in offering Quality Service. We’re dependable and reliable. Mid-South Septic Tank Services is ready to speak with you about your residential or commercial request for service today.


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Mid-South Septic Tank Customer Feedback

Highly recommend this company. They explained what they were doing, why it needed to be done, and what we could do to prevent incidents in the future. The repairman was very kind and professional.

Audrey N

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The guy came out explained the service and how often it needed to be done. He emptied the septic tank and let us know what we had to do afterwards. He was professional and friendly.

Marcus P

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Owner and Staff go above and beyond. Very reasonably priced, professional and explain in detail what they are going to do. Veteran owned too!

Lawrence N

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