Understanding Your Septic System

Owning a home with a septic system in Oxford, MS, comes with the responsibility of proper maintenance to ensure its longevity and optimal performance. Mid-South Septic Tank Services understands the importance of a well-maintained septic system and offers valuable tips for homeowners to keep their systems in top condition.

A septic system is a crucial part of your home’s infrastructure, responsible for managing wastewater. Regular maintenance is key to preventing costly repairs and preserving the system’s efficiency. For the most common septic tank questions please visit our FAQ page.

Maintenance Tips from Mid-South Septic Tank Services:

  • Scheduled Pumping and Regular Inspections:
    Regular pumping is vital. Aim to schedule septic tank pumping every 3 to 5 years, depending on household size and water usage. This prevents solid buildup that can clog the system and cause backups. Schedule professional inspections periodically to catch any issues early. Address any signs of problems, such as slow drains or foul odors, promptly.
  • Water Conservation:
    Reducing water usage helps maintain a healthy septic system. Fix leaks promptly, use low-flow fixtures, and spread out water-intensive tasks to prevent overwhelming the system.
  • Proper Waste Disposal, Landscaping, and Draining:
    Avoid flushing non-biodegradable items like wipes or feminine hygiene products. Harsh chemicals and excessive grease down the drain can disrupt the septic tank’s bacterial balance. Protect the drain field by avoiding heavy structures or parking vehicles over it. Ensure proper drainage away from the septic area to prevent waterlogging.

Benefits of Proper Maintenance

  • Longevity:
    Regular maintenance extends the life of your septic system.
  • Cost Savings:
    Preventing major issues through maintenance saves on expensive repairs.
  • Environmental Protection:
    Properly functioning systems prevent contamination of groundwater and soil.

As a responsible homeowner in Oxford, MS, caring for your septic system is essential. Following these maintenance tips from Mid-South Septic Tank Services will help ensure your system operates efficiently for years to come.

Remember, while these tips are valuable, individual systems may have unique needs. For personalized advice and professional services, consulting with experts like Mid-South Septic Tank Services is highly recommended.

By staying proactive in septic system maintenance, homeowners can avoid disruptions and costly repairs, ensuring a smoothly operating system and peace of mind for their households.


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